Sequential Circuits Prophet-10

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Prophet 10Originally designed as an extra voice board in a standard-sized Prophet-5 case, the Prophet-10 was later reborn as a very large two-manual instrument—essentially two Prophet-5’s in one box, married with a polyphonic sequencer. The 20 oscillator Prophet-10 is two-part multi-timbral and can produce a truly huge analog sound, properly befitting a synthesizer of this size. Original price: $7495.00


  • • 10 voices (single, double or alternate keyboard modes)
  • • 2 LFOs (The two LFOs can be mixed.)
  • • 10,000 note polyphonic sequencer
  • • Well-designed modulation routing scheme allows polyphonic FM,
  • PWM, and great programming flexibility.
  • Each voice contains:
  • (2) Voltage Controlled Oscillators (saw/pulse & saw/tri/pulse, hard sync)
  • (1) Voltage Controlled Filter (24dB/octave)
  • (1) Voltage Controlled Amplifier
  • (2) ADSR Envelope Generators
  • (1) 3-Band Equalizer

Size - 181.2 MB


Sounds Included: