Moog Taurus Pedals

SKU: SF2016
Moog Taurus Pedals

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The Moog Taurus Pedal Synthesizer was popular with rock bass players to create fat synth bass lines. The Taurus has three preset sounds and a special preset that you can program yourself. The Taurus is a specialized monophonic bass synthesizer using two audio oscillators with glide, two contour generators, and a VCA, coupled with the famous Moog low pass filter.  Original price: $1195.00


  • (1) User programmable preset
  • (2) Voltage Controlled Oscillators
  • (2) Contour Generators (attack/sustain/decay & attack/decay)
  • (1) 24dB/octave Low Pass Filter
  • (1) Voltage Controlled Amplifier
  • (2) Foot sliders for loudness and tone color variation.

Size - 202.4 MB