About Us

SoundFont Downloads was established in 2011 with a mission to provide high quality license free SoundFont downloads for computer software synthesizer users.

The SoundFont Downloads team of expert sound designers have produced all of the sound libraries available at our site. We offer a complete Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a product you may choose a different one of same or similar price, or, ultimately, have a refund. We also offer our customers a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If for any reason the sounds purchased are deleted, misplaced, become corrupt, or the dog gets a hold of the computer hard drive, we will replace them absolutely free.

Founder Timothy Swartz is a 20-year veteran producer of the E-mu Systems and Creative Technologies sound libraries. The successful Emulator and Proteus sound products were a result of numerous recording sessions, sound processing, and programming to achieve the ultimate musical results. Hit songs, movies, television shows, and advertisements have been created using these comprehensive sound libraries. E-mu pioneered sampling and, subsequently partnered with Creative, revolutionized the computer sample playback industry with its groundbreaking series of soundcards and ‘SoundFont’ content libraries. Tim founded www.DigitalSoundFactory.com dedicated to offering musicans professional sound content.

SoundFont Downloads was created to specialize in high quality low priced SoundFont libraries. This site breaks down the vast amount of content and allows customers to select specific sounds for download. Mix and match the sounds you desire.